Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New logo: ABP News

Star News is a leading Hindi news channel. Until recently, it operated as a joint-venture between Newscorp's Star Group and the Indian media group Ananda Bazaar Patrika (ABP). Newscorp recently chose to exit the venture, which also included the Bengali news channel Star Ananda and the Marathi Star Majha, leaving ABP as the sole owner.

As a result, the channels are about to get new names, replacing the "Star" prefix with ABP. Star News becomes ABP News, Star Ananda becomes ABP Ananda and Star Majha becomes ABP Majha. The new logos were unveiled on Monday, May 7, and the new names will launch on June 1.

The advertising campaign announcing the namechange stresses that only the name changes and everything else will stay the same. The new logos also try to stay as similar as possible to the out-going "Star" logos.

Star News logo.

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